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How To Get More Views For Your Book Trailer Video

Give your book trailer the presence it deserves and help build your author brand





















What Does Book Trailer Promotion Do?

Book Trailer Promotion is the first service specifically designed to help authors and publishers generate more views for their book trailer videos. Part of the BookGrow suite of author marketing services, Book Trailer Promotion leverages an existing web based and mobile book distribution network to get your videos in front of a massive audience of YouTube viewers. Since 2014 BookGrow has grown many successful Kindle book promotion platforms (most popular being Genre Pulse, Price Dropped Books, Cupid’s Draw and Free Book Feed) and has run over 15,000 paid promotions to more than 5,000 customers.

At time of writing (2019) there are an average of ~70 new book trailers being uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis. That’s a lot of competition for eyeballs and most of those trailers sadly generate very few views. And of the videos that do generate some views, most only happen early on and trailers are forever stuck in the YouTube doldrums thereafter. While creating book trailers is most definitely a recommended author marketing / branding strategy, a low view count can actually look pretty awful in the eyes of would be readers and can be damaging to an author’s brand overall. Book Trailer Promotion provides the solution to this problem.

How Do The Book Trailer Promotions Work?

As previously mentioned, we use the existing book distribution network of the BookGrow sites as a launchpad for our promotions. The backbone audience of most of the services is acquired through signups to our Kindle book deal-finding Android apps on Google Play. These apps have had a combined total of over 2 million downloads to date. The book trailers are seeded to this book hungry audience within the apps and we also post to some large video focused Facebook Pages that we own.

Due to the varied nature of client video submissions (videos come with varying levels of production quality and keyword optimisation on YouTube’s description area is out of our control) we obviously can’t guarantee views, likes, subscribers and certainly not book sales which may or may not result as a consequence of our promotions. The aim of this service is to generate as many views as possible for your book trailers and to make your author brand look highly engaged with and successful. After one of our promotions runs its course, the idea is that your book trailer will continue to generate views and exposure amongst a relevant audience of potential readers.

Making A Booking

When you make a booking all you need to do is select the package of your choice, select a date you’d like your campaign to go live, enter the target link for your book trailer on YouTube and fill in your contact details. You will then be taken to PayPal to complete your order. We’ll then take it from there and your campaign will go live on the date you chose.

Our Terms

We accept book trailers of all genres, but they have to be YouTube videos. We don’t accept trailers hosted on other video platforms.

We absolutely will NOT accept videos which have had AdSense advertising applied to them. It is against Google’s TOS to externally promote videos with advertising in place. Failing to observe this rule can result in your AdSense account being terminated or you losing your video.

Our service allows one video per booking. However, you can book as many separate trailers as you like to run in parallel and you can even boost the same video multiple times but only once a campaign has run its course (around two to three weeks for standard package and four to six weeks for premium).

Our Promotional Packages

Standard Package

  • Book trailer seeded to BookGrow’s app audience (2,000,000+ app downloads to date)
  • Book trailer posted to two of our Facebook generic video pages with a combined total of over 60,000 followers
  • Campaign delivery time of 2-3 weeks


Premium Package

  • Book trailer seeded to BookGrow’s app audience (2,000,000+ app downloads to date)
  • Book trailer posted to three of our Facebook generic video pages with a combined total of over 325,000 followers
  • Campaign delivery time of 4-6 weeks